Moor Hall Golf Club

Men's Seniors Open

Tuesday 21st August 2018, White Tees, Moor Hall Golf Club

Longest Drives - £25 Voucher

Hole 5 - Bob Taylor

Hole 12 - Len Robinson

Hole 16 - Richard Smith

Nearest the Pin - £25 Voucher

Hole 2 - Roy Vaughan

Hole 11 - Barry Ayre

Hole 13 - Martin Parfect

Hole 17 - Graham Hayes

Halfway Hut - £141 for Captains Charity - Dementia UK

All vouchers available at Professionals Shop

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Results Gross Points Switch to Nett PointsCSS 71 (Visitors 71)
1st David Calvert(2)35
2nd Michael Ward(8)33
3rd David Potter(5) Naunton Downs Golf Club31
4th Stephen Eaves(3) Hinckley Golf Club31
5th Robert Haymes(9)31
6th Barrie Webster(5)31
7th Alan Saul(5)30
8th Gerry Wood-Wilson(11) Scraptoft Golf Club30
9th charles snelling(8) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club30
10th Ian Chivers(1) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club29
11th Doug Heggie(6) Great Barr Golf Club29
12th Ken Abbott(10) Scraptoft Golf Club28
13th Mike Webb(7) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club28
14th Ted Regan(11)28
15th Trevor Bennett(8) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club27
16th Martyn Phelps(11)26
17th Andrew Hazeldine(6)26
18th Brian Valentine(13) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club26
19th L W Crooke(11) Druids Heath Golf Club26
20th Paul Jewell(6) Ladbrook Park Golf Club26
21st Geoff Godsmark(9) Scraptoft Golf Club25
22nd Neil Mallett(12) Warley Woods Golf Club25
23rd Brendan Horton(13)25
24th Tim Barnby(6) Coventry Golf Club25
25th Geoff Tatton(7)25
26th M R Hoyland(7) Lees Hall Golf Club25
27th Rick Chima(6) Copt Heath Golf Club25
28th John Sawle(10) Drayton Park Golf Club25
29th Yim Kong(13) Nene Park Golf Club24
30th Tajinder Atwal(11) Kedleston Park Golf Club24
31st Tony Jowle(11) Moseley Golf Club24
32nd Richard Phillips(8)24
33rd Michael Anthony Nicholass(10) Kedleston Park Golf Club24
34th David O'Rourke(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club24
35th Martyn Parfect(13)24
36th Trevor Smith(13)23
37th Steve Lavis(8) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club23
38th C D Bartlettt(7) Coventry Golf Club23
39th Anthony Featherstone(10) Maxstoke Park Golf Club23
40th Richard George Wileman(8) Hinckley Golf Club23
41st Neil Keegan(12)23
42nd Nigel Gill(10) Kedleston Park Golf Club23
43rd Steve Montague(8) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club22
44th Richard John SMITH(10) Kedleston Park Golf Club22
45th Michael Riley(12) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club22
46th james Radford(14) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd22
47th Michael Plante(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club22
48th Andrew John KING(10) Mickleover Golf Club22
49th Colin Micklewright(10) Maxstoke Park Golf Club22
50th Keith Springham(13) Scraptoft Golf Club22
51st Martin Davis(13) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club22
52nd Stephen Holland(15) Sandwell Park Golf Club22
53rd Robert Brown(13) Scraptoft Golf Club22
54th James Alexander(16) Bromsgrove Golf Club22
55th Barry Ayre(14) Hinckley Golf Club21
56th Pete Robinson(10) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club21
57th Guy Maxfield OATES(9) Kedleston Park Golf Club21
58th Alan Cross(12) Sandwell Park Golf Club20
59th Michael Aaron(12) Oakridge Golf Club20
60th Graham Marshall(11) Peterborough Milton Golf Club20
61st Philip Simmons(10) Enville Golf Club20
62nd Phillip Smith(11)19
63rd David Leatt(9) Kedleston Park Golf Club19
64th Richard Wheale(15) Maxstoke Park Golf Club19
65th Roy Vaughan(11)19
66th David Coope(18)19
67th John Greene(20) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd19
68th BLOOR DEREK(15) Hinckley Golf Club18
69th B Symonds(12) Gaudet Luce Golf Club18
70th T Lavender(17) Druids Heath Golf Club18
71st Brian Higgins(17) Sandwell Park Golf Club17
72nd Bhasker Patel(14) Cotswold Hills Golf Club17
73rd Graham Hayes(13) Copt Heath Golf Club17
74th Martin Jenkinson(15) Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club17
75th Michael Smith(11) Fulford Heath Golf Club17
76th Alan Roberts(21) Sandwell Park Golf Club17
77th Robert Winstanley(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club17
78th David Willetts(17) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club16
79th Tony Broughton(20) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd16
80th Robert Barnet McGregor(9) Kedleston Park Golf Club16
81st John Bardsley(17)16
82nd Terry Power(18) Cottingham Golf Club16
83rd Rodney Mahy(13) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd16
84th M Frost(15) Burton-on-Trent Golf Club16
85th Robert Hateley(16) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd16
86th Michael Hamlyn(15) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club16
87th David Oakley(13) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club16
88th Tony Charles(15) Leamington & County Golf Club15
89th Roy Watson(10) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club15
90th Raymond Ebberley(16) Burton-on-Trent Golf Club15
91st Kevin Martin(21) Sandwell Park Golf Club15
92nd Robert Styles(15) Kedleston Park Golf Club15
93rd John Hughes(17) North Oxford Golf Club15
94th David Dedicoat(13)15
95th Angel Rodriguez(16) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd15
96th Lee Jeniec(13) Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club15
97th Barry Whitmore(20) Whittington Heath Golf Club15
98th Philip Tuck(16)14
99th Mr Steve Cheshire(21) Great Barr Golf Club14
100th R Brown(14) Beau Desert Golf Club14
101st Peter John Chadwick(18) Whittington Heath Golf Club14
102nd L Robinson(20) Druids Heath Golf Club14
103rd John Edward Beddington(12) Kedleston Park Golf Club14
104th Anthony Frost(19) Stonebridge Golf Centre13
105th Peter Spencer(26) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd13
106th Michael Sullivan(15)13
107th Adrian JERVIS(18) Oakridge Golf Club13
108th Derek Pedley(19) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club13
109th G.M Wilson(18) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club13
110th Robert Bridges(19)13
111th Stephen Frost(16) Maxstoke Park Golf Club13
112th Nick Dollard(19) North Oxford Golf Club12
113th Peter Romyn(19) Stratford Oaks Golf Club12
114th Malcolm Parker(19) Leamington & County Golf Club12
115th Sandy Lang(17)12
116th William O'Reilly(22) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd12
117th Bryan Milner(18) Moseley Golf Club12
118th Alan Edward Fox(23) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd12
119th R D Spears (Kings Norton)(15) Kings Norton Golf Club12
120th Andrew Gibbins(25) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club11
121st Ken Nimmo(24) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd11
122nd Alan Harper(20) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club11
123rd Stephen Grice(18)11
124th Michael Hughes(19) Burford Golf Club11
125th Jim Sweeney(17) Abbey Hill Golf Club11
126th Terence Eldred(19) Kings Norton Golf Club10
127th Robert Pratt(19) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd10
128th Gerald Paton(14) Kings Norton Golf Club10
129th Dave Morse(14) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club10
130th Kan Ishikawa(19) Kedleston Park Golf Club10
131st Robert Steven Bright(18) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd10
132nd Roger Mason(19)10
133rd David Greaves(21) Kenilworth Golf Club10
134th James Smith(23) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd10
135th Robert Ernest Salt(26) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd9
136th Dave Wisdell(18) Sandwell Park Golf Club9
137th Robert Grimley(22) Kenilworth Golf Club9
138th Jeff Bissenden(15) Edgbaston Golf Club9
139th Kim White(19) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd9
140th ANDREW REGAN(20) Walmley (Wylde Green) Golf Club9
141st Mr Orston Watt(26) Branston Golf & Country Club9
142nd TJ Cregan(24) Branston Golf & Country Club9
143rd Robert Taylor(14) Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club8
144th Peter Harper(20) Drayton Park Golf Club8
145th David Mitchell(18) Kings Norton Golf Club7
146th Peter Farrell(21) Whittington Heath Golf Club7
147th Phillip Burwell(23) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd7
148th Frank Longbottom(22)7
149th Michael Murray Bill(28) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd6
150th William Brice(22) Whittington Heath Golf Club6
151st Raymond Tom Cottrell(24) Kedleston Park Golf Club5
152nd John Biggs(23) Drayton Park Golf Club5
153rd Brian Brown(25) Walsall Golf Club5
154th Gareth Hitchins(21) Aston Wood Golf Club4
155th Trevor Lawrence(28) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd1
156th George Tilbrook(14)0

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