Moor Hall Golf Club

Men's Seniors Open

Monday 22nd July 2019, White Tees, Moor Hall Golf Club

Thank you to everyone who played in the Seniors Open. We hope that you enjoyed the course and facilities at Moor Hall. The results of the day are as follows:

Best Gross - David Mason - 38 Points - £100.00 voucher

Division 1:

Winner - David Johnson - 40 Points - £100.00 voucher

2nd Place - Neil Keegan - 38 Points - £75.00 voucher

3rd Place - Steve Elway - 38 Points - £50.00 voucher

Division 2:

Winner - Phil Tuck - 38 Points - £100.00 voucher

2nd Place - Brendan Horton - 38 Points - £75.00 voucher

3rd Place - Alan Cook - 37 Points - £50.00 voucher

Division 3:

Winner - Peter Whatson - 41 Points - £100.00 voucher

2nd Place - Jim Sweeney - 36 Points - £75.00 voucher 

3rd Place - Ronald Simon - 35 Points - £50.00 voucher

Nearest the Pin - £25 Voucher each

2nd - Nick Williams

11th - Chris Whitmore

13th - Nigel Walmsley

17th - Gary Parker

Longest Drives - £25 Voucher each

5th - Cliff Stephens

12th - Martin Sharrocks

16th - Tim Barnby

Congratulations to all of the winners. You can redeem your vouchers by contacting our Head Professional, Cameron Clark. Cam can send your vouchers to you through the post, send prizes to you or leave your vouchers in the shop for collection.

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Results Points Switch to Gross Pointsx
1stPeter Whatson(18) 41
2ndDavid Johnson(10) Lingdale Golf Club 40
3rdNeil Keegan(12) 38
4thPhilip Tuck(16) 38
5thBrendan Horton(13) 38
6thAlan Cook(17) 37
7thDavid J Mason(2) 37
8thJim Sweeney(19) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 36
9thRaymond Ebberley(17) Burton-on-Trent Golf Club 36
10thSteve Elway(11) Gloucester 36
11thAlan Saul(5) 36
12thDavid Meakin(14) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 36
13thIan Barratt(17) Olton Golf Club 35
14thAndrew Hazeldine(6) 35
15thRonald Rigden(23) Robin Hood Golf Club 35
16thTerry Cregan(25) Branston Golf & Country Club 35
17thRoy Watson(10) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 35
18thNick Williams(12) Drayton Park Golf Club 35
19thT Eldred (Kings Norton)(17) Kings Norton Golf Club 35
20thMr Orston Watt(27) Branston Golf & Country Club 35
21stGary Parker(24) Walsall Golf Club 34
22ndNeil Mallett(8) Warley Woods Golf Club 34
23rdWilliam Patrick O'Reilly(20) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 34
24thTed Regan(9) 34
25thBrian Symonds(10) Gaudet Luce 33
26thPaul Jewell(7) Ladbrook Park Golf Club 33
27thRichard Smith(21) 33
28thIan Henson(14) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 33
29thBrian Higgins(19) Sandwell Park Golf Club 33
30thTerry Rawnsley(16) Leamington & County Golf Club 33
31stDavid O'Rourke(7) Droitwich Golf Club 33
32ndBarrie Webster(4) 33
33rdAnita Walmsley(5) Little Aston Golf Club 33
34thPaul Brindley(13) 33
35thDavid Morse(14) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 33
36thJohn Greene(20) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 33
37thJames Alexander(15) Bromsgrove 32
38thJohn Close(6) Kenilworth Golf Club 32
39thTrevor Smith(12) 32
40thMick Alderwick(18) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd 32
41stJohn Paul Murray(16) 32
42ndDoug Heggie(5) Great Barr Golf Club 32
42ndCliff Stephens(15) Brickhampton Court 32
44thRobert Haymes(8) 32
45thAnthony Frost(20) Stonebridge Golf Centre 32
46thStephen Day(9) Kings Norton Golf Club 32
47thDavid Fletcher(12) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club 32
48thPeter Thorpe(16) Lingdale Golf Club 31
49thMartin Mahon(5) Kings Norton Golf Club 31
50thNick Ibbotson(10) 31
51stRichard Morgan (26) 31
52ndNeville Green(12) Cavendish 31
53rdRob Drew(12) Gloucester 31
54thPeter Spencer(24) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 31
55thRobert Timmins(17) 31
56thRobert Winstanley(14) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 31
57thClive Conroy(13) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 31
58thSteven Ogrizovic(6) Coventry Golf Club 31
59thJohn Hickton(14) Cavendish 30
60thRobert Hinton(14) 30
61stPhillip Brown(11) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club 30
62ndGerald Power(24) Drayton Park Golf Club 30
63rdKim Hughes(12) Chesterton Valley 30
64thChristopher Whitmore(14) Nene Park Golf Club 30
65thTom Dobson(22) Shirley Golf Club 29
66thJohn Kartz(11) Worcester Golf & Country Club 29
67thGerald Paton(16) Kings Norton Golf Club 29
68thTim Barnby(5) Coventry Golf Club 29
69thPeter O'Nion(11) Cosby Golf Club 29
70thD Smith(13) Druids Heath Golf Club 29
70thGraham Parish(15) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 29
72ndMichael Ward(7) 29
72ndMichael HAMLYN(13) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 29
74thMichael Sullivan(16) 29
75thRobert Bridges(19) 29
76thGary Gamble(21) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 29
77thNigel Swanston(21) Copt Heath Golf Club 28
78thAnthony Featherstone(10) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 28
79thKev Pallett(9) Lingdale Golf Club 28
80thBrian Valentine(13) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 28
81stJeff Bissenden(16) Edgbaston Golf Club 28
82ndTrevor Williams(14) Coventry Hearsall Golf Club 28
83rdMartin Sharrocks(20) 28
84thMike Rowland(14) 28
85thIan Leech(21) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 28
86thRick Chima(7) Copt Heath Golf Club 28
87thPaul Davies(19) Gloucester 28
88thMike Stocking(22) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 28
89thdavid knight(11) Drayton Park Golf Club 28
90thDavid Calvert(2) 28
91stSteven Moore(22) Walmley Golf Club 28
92ndD J Franklin(22) Penn 27
93rdCharles Snelling(8) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 27
94thStephen Rutherford(14) Lilleshall Hall Golf Club 27
95thMr Will Brice(22) Whittington Heath Golf Club 27
96thRobert Ernest Salt(26) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd 27
97thIan Chivers(2) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 27
98thSteve Lavis(8) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 27
99thColin Micklewright(11) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 27
100thGareth Hitchins(22) Aston Wood Golf Club 27
101stCarlton Tomlinson(15) Rose Hill Golf Club 26
102ndGraham Hayes(13) Copt Heath Golf Club 26
103rdPhil Shackleton(14) Nene Park Golf Club 26
104thGary Farley(12) Walsall Golf Club 26
105thTrevor Bennett(10) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club 26
106thRoy Brown(14) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 26
107thMark Wilkes(18) Chesterton Valley 26
108thGeorge Tilbrook(16) 26
109thRobert Styles(15) Kedleston Park Golf Club 26
110thMartyn Phelps(11) 26
111thStuart Thompson(19) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 26
111thClive Rooker(11) 26
113thMichael Plante(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 25
114thNeil Radford(13) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 25
115thIan Jones(19) Mold Golf Club 25
116thAshley Pigott(13) 25
117thIan Bramley(13) Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd 25
118thDavid Dearden(9) Kings Norton Golf Club 25
119thGerry Donohoe(12) Olton Golf Club 25
120thRodney Mahy(13) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 25
121stHerbi Geier(26) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 25
121stPeter Butler(10) Atherstone Golf Club 25
123rdDavid Lakin(17) Olton Golf Club 25
124thPhil Staelens(15) Gloucester 25
125thSteve Montague(7) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 24
126thMichael Murray Bill(28) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd 24
127thTREVOR JONES(15) Drayton Park Golf Club 24
128thRobert Pratt(20) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 24
129thNorman J Taylor(17) Walsall Golf Club 24
130thPete Robinson(10) Sutton Coldfield Golf Club 24
130thKan Ishikawa(17) Kedleston Park Golf Club 24
132ndMartyn Parfect(14) 24
133rdRaymond Tom Cottrell(24) Kedleston Park Golf Club 24
134thSteve Cheshire(21) Stratford Park Hotel & 24
135thAllan Jones(7) Harborne Golf Club 24
136thAndrew Plimmer(25) 24
137thTerry Power(18) Cottingham Golf Club 23
138thR Brown(13) Beau Desert Golf Club 23
139thGeoff Tatton(8) 23
140thDavid Coope(18) 23
141stDavid Dedicoat(15) 23
142ndPhilip Collin(19) 23
143rdRoland Ewin(17) Gloucester 22
144thEric Hamilton(9) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 22
145thCraig Simmonds(10) Harborne Golf Club 22
146thMark Frost(13) Burton-on-Trent Golf Club 22
147thDave Wisdell(19) Sandwell Park Golf Club 21
148thWilliam Litchfield(16) Beeston Fields Golf Club 21
149thBrian Duke(18) Marston Lakes Golf Club 21
150thCharles Hill(7) Gloucester 21
151stHenry Roger Mason(18) Kedleston Park Golf Club 21
152ndJoe Flanagan(10) North Warwickshire 20
153rdChris Tucker(15) Olton Golf Club 20
154thRobert Barnet McGregor(10) Kedleston Park Golf Club 18
155thJohn Edward Beddington(14) Kedleston Park Golf Club 17
156thBrian Brown(28) Walsall Golf Club 15
157thRobert Hateley(17) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 14
158thAlan Edward Fox(24) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 9
DQRoger Ravenhall(0) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd DQ Card Not Returned
WDJohn Nugent(21) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club WD

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