Moor Hall Golf Club

Men's Seniors Individual Open

Tuesday 10th August 2021, White Tees, Moor Hall 2020

(95% handicap allowance)

Thank you to everyone who played in the Men’s Seniors Individual Open.
We hope that you enjoyed the course and facilities at Moor Hall.
The results of the day are as follows:

Best Gross - Dave Calvert : 76 : £100 Voucher

Division 1 (playing handicap to 10):

Winner    - David O'Rourke: 36pts: £100 Voucher

2nd Place - Tony Green: 36 pts: £75 Voucher

3rd Place - Stephen Roy Eves: 36pts: £50 Voucher

Division 2 (playing handicap 11 to 17):

Winner    - Guy Maxfield-Oates: 40pts: £100 Voucher

2nd Place - Lee William Crooke: 39pts: £75 Voucher

3rd Place - John Martin Neave: 38pts: £50 Voucher

Division 3 (playing handicap 18 - 28):

Winner    - Keith Boot: 39pts: £100 Voucher

2nd Place - Tony Broughton: 38pts: £75 Voucher

3rd Place - Steve Carvill:37pts: £50 Voucher

Congratulations to John Cox who got a Hole in 1 on the 17!

Nearest the Pin (all Par3’s):

2nd Hole - Ken Spencer: £25 Voucher

11th Hole - Steve Montague: £25 Voucher

13th Hole - Ken Spencer: £25 Voucher

17th Hole - John Cox: £25 Voucher

Longest Drive:

16th Hole - Division 1 (playing handicap to 10) – Tim Barnby: £25 Voucher

5th Hole   - Division 2 (playing handicap 11 to 17) – Ian Henson: £25 Voucher

12th Hole - Division 3 (playing handicap 18 - 28) – G Manning:£25 Voucher

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Please contact our Professional shop on 0121 308 5106 or
contact Head Professional, Cameron Clark, at
where he will assist you to redeem your vouchers.

For those of you who had a 2 and entered the 2's competition, can you please email our Head Professional, Cameron Clark on the email below stating your name and address and your prize will be posted to you.

We hope that you have had a great day and we look forward to seeing you back at Moor Hall in the near future.

Thank you again for your support.

Neil Keegan (H&C)

On behalf of the Opens Secretary

Download Away Letter View Statistics for this Competition Twos Report

Results Pointsx
1stGuy Maxfield Oates(13) Kedleston Park Golf Club 40
2ndKeith Boot(24) Druids Heath Golf Club 39
3rdLee William Crooke(15) Bloxwich 39
4thJohn Martin Neave(12) Hinckley Golf Club 38
5thMichael Anthony Nicholass(15) Kedleston Park Golf Club 38
6thTony Broughton(23) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 38
7thSteve Carvill(23) Ansty Golf Centre Ltd 37
8thDavid Peckover(25) 37
9thDavid O'Rourke(10) Droitwich Golf Club 36
10thTrevor Smith(14) 36
11thTony Green(9) Sandwell Park Golf Club 36
12thJohn Yapp(22) Broadway Golf Club 36
13thNick Williams(12) Drayton Park Golf Club 36
14thStephen Roy Eaves(6) Hinckley Golf Club 35
15thTed Regan(10) 35
16thPaul Lowe(6) Scraptoft Golf Club 34
17thdavid knight(10) Drayton Park Golf Club 34
18thPeter Adams(9) Lincoln Golf Club 34
19thTerry Smith(16) York Golf Club (Yorkshire) Golf Club 34
20thAndrew Bloor(13) 34
21stRichard Langton(23) 34
22ndCharles Snelling(11) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 34
23rdLaurence Hawker(7) Kings Norton Golf Club 34
24thChris Stockton(10) 34
25thJohn Court(25) 33
26thPaul Jewell(8) Ladbrook Park Golf Club 33
27thsteven friend(11) Lincoln Golf Club 33
28thStephen Bergin(23) Kedleston Park Golf Club 33
29thNick Gould(18) Kilworth Springs Golf Club 33
30thIan Leech(19) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 33
31stDavid Calvert(3) 33
32ndRonald Rigden(24) Robin Hood Golf Club 33
33rdTim Barnby(5) Coventry Golf Club 32
34thSteve Devine(19) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 32
35thBarry Ayre(16) Hinckley Golf Club 32
36thDavid Clibborn(8) Beau Desert Golf Club 32
37thE C Barton(26) Druids Heath Golf Club 32
38thGraham E Yapp(22) Sandwell Park Golf Club 32
39thDavid Oakley(11) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 32
40thJohn Patrick Rickard(10) Kedleston Park Golf Club 32
41stRoy Smith(13) Drayton Park Golf Club 32
42ndRobert Styles(20) Kedleston Park Golf Club 32
43rdMichael Rossborough(10) Kenilworth Golf Club 32
44thFrank McDermott(17) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 32
45thRobin Phillips(20) Sand Martins Golf Club 32
46thSteve Inns(10) Kings Norton Golf Club 32
47thRichard Lamper(4) Minchinhampton Golf Club 32
48thStephen Day(11) Kings Norton Golf Club 32
49thTim Chubb(15) 31
50thPaul Matthews(7) Worcester Golf & Country Club 31
51stJohn Cox(5) Kirtlington Golf Club 31
52ndGrahame David Castle(8) Northampton Golf Club 31
53rdRoy Watson(12) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 31
54thKen Spencer(2) Stratford Oaks Golf Club 31
55thIan Scott(12) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 31
56thdanny butler(6) Warley Woods Golf Club 31
57thRick Chima(9) Copt Heath Golf Club 31
58thSteve Pendleton(6) Kenilworth Golf Club 31
59thPhilip Harness(5) Beedles Lake Golf Club 31
60thNick Dollard(24) North Oxford Golf Club 31
60thAnthony Featherstone(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 31
62ndStuart Davies(11) Enville Golf Club 31
63rdMR TIMOTHY H JAMES(10) Leamington & County Golf Club 31
64thGraham Woods(17) Windlesham Golf Club 31
65thSteve Montague(10) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 30
66thGary Smith(6) Northamptonshire County Golf Club 30
67thBob Walmsley(18) Pype Hayes 30
68thClive Conroy(11) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 30
69thSteve Wood(17) Minchinhampton Golf Club 30
70thPaul Senior(15) Kings Norton Golf Club 30
71stNeil Mallett(8) Warley Woods Golf Club 30
72ndGeoff Tatton(11) 30
73rdJohn Bardsley(19) 30
74thDavid Oulsnam(27) Uttoxeter Golf Club 30
75thKevin Wilson(19) 30
76thSteve Lavis(11) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 30
77thAlan Bryce(10) 29
78thGraham Parish(17) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 29
79thMartin Mahon(6) Kings Norton Golf Club 29
80thSteven Ling(10) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 29
81stNeil Keegan(11) 29
82ndDerek Pedley(18) Walmley Golf Club 29
83rdAndrew Burns(12) 29
84thRaymond Tom Cottrell(28) Kedleston Park Golf Club 29
85thMartin Davis(13) Walmley Golf Club 29
86thGlenn Manning(20) Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd 28
87thJohn Hathaway(2) Stratford Oaks Golf Club 28
88thHenry Roger Mason(26) Kedleston Park Golf Club 28
89thGerald Power(26) Drayton Park Golf Club 27
90thGrant Brook(10) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 27
91stDerek Nightingale(18) Renishaw Park Golf Club 27
92ndStephen Mullings(15) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 27
93rdHoward William Holliday(7) Kedleston Park Golf Club 27
94thPeter Spencer(28) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 27
95thAllen Jerman(13) 27
96thT Eldred (Kings Norton)(21) Kings Norton Golf Club 27
97thDavid Dearden(10) Kings Norton Golf Club 27
98thMarsh Whieldon(24) Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club 26
99thAlan James Clarke(10) Hinckley Golf Club 26
100thWilliam Litchfield(20) Beeston Fields Golf Club 26
101stAlan Roberts(26) Sandwell Park Golf Club 26
102ndSteve Critchell(17) Newbury & Crookham Golf Club 26
103rdAlan Low(3) Scraptoft Golf Club 26
104thKeith Albert Springham(17) Scraptoft Golf Club 26
105thRodney Mahy(15) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 26
106thRoger Neale(2) Stratford Oaks Golf Club 26
107thAlan Cross(12) Warley Woods Golf Club 25
108thDavid Hewitt(16) Walmley Golf Club 25
109thDavid Morse(17) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 25
110thChris Fawcett(8) Scraptoft Golf Club 24
111thMichael HAMLYN(16) Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club 24
112thRod Spears(17) Kings Norton Golf Club 24
113thKim White(28) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 23
114thSteven Jackson(23) Drayton Park Golf Club 23
115thJulian Gibbon(11) Brocton Hall Golf Club 23
116thT E Lavender(23) Druids Heath Golf Club 23
117thRobert Pratt(19) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 23
118thMartin Aucote(24) Drayton Park Golf Club 22
119thNorman J Taylor(22) Walsall Golf Club 22
120thBrendan Horton(15) 21
121stJohn Nugent(27) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 21
122ndJohn Chapman(12) Kenilworth Golf Club 21
123rdBrian Clements(24) Wishaw Golf & Country Club Ltd Golf Club 19
124thIan Henson(13) Maxstoke Park Golf Club 19
125thGraham Hayes(17) Copt Heath Golf Club 17
DQRichard Booth(13) Matlock DQ Card not Returned
DQMichael Stone(14) Matlock DQ Card not Returned

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